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Dear Friend,

Several years ago, my only sibling died suddenly and unexpectedly. Although I was deep in grief, everyone seemed to expect me to give the big speech at the funeral! (Is everyone counting on you, too?)

I spoke from my heart and managed to get through it. But to this day, I still remember standing at my brother's grave, feeling an agony that no one else could fully understand, with everyone looking at me and expecting some important words.

The ironic thing is, I majored in speech at college and taught school for years, so I can get through a speech, but losing my brother was the worst thing that had ever happened to me, and the last thing I wanted to do was get up in front of people, unless somehow I could honor my brother by doing so.

At the time, there did not exist any help with preparing and giving a speech at a funeral. Years later, as a writer and internet marketer, I found many books on how to give a funeral speech. It made me think back to that moment. I would have been greatly relieved to have this in my possession at a time like that. You can decide if this book will be of help to you at a time like this when you're preparing what you will say.

With Love,
Mimi Tanner

A Customizable Speech For You

The author, whose voice you'll hear on his website, has created this package so that your life can be simplified at a time like this - whether the loss is a close loved one or someone you didn't know very well, it will be easy for you to craft your speech now.

Is everyone expecting YOU to come through with the big speech?

Now you have at your fingertips a fast, easy way to say all the things you want to say without stress and without sitting down for hours, agonizing over the right words to use. You'll have the best words in front of you - customizable for any situation, now or in the future.

Your memorial speech will be just right - and afterwards, people will be coming up to you to tell you how much your speech comforted them.

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